These facts are in the official public record at the
Citrus County Courthouse and are proven by GoPro video


On June 26, 2017, I was harassed, chased, beaten and my prized aerodynamic bicycle destroyed for simply passing Paul Latshaw and Kenneth Bailey while bicycle riding on the Withlacoochee State Trail in Citrus Springs, Florida. Immediately after I safely passed Latshaw and Bailey, as proven by GoPro video, these bicycle riders harassed me at speeds ranging from 24 mph to 28 mph. I tried to avoid a confrontation by stopping at Country Club Blvd to allow these violent riders to proceed down the Trail. I stopped on the opposite side of the Country Club Blvd intersection to allow the attackers to ride away. When I stopped at Country Club Blvd, I was hundreds of feet ahead of Paul Latshaw. At this moment in time, Kenneth Bailey was slightly ahead riding down the Trail without Paul Latshaw as noted in picture-3 and picture-4. However, instead of riding away, Paul Latshaw dismounted his bike, walked his bike on the grass and leaned his bike on the signpost yelling “you piece of American shit”. When I walked over to talk with Latshaw to determine the cause of his anger, Latshaw calls me the p-word then yells, "we got a gun, man" and says he was going to shoot me by yelling "I'm going to put a bullet in your ass". After I escaped that situation, Latshaw and Bailey cornered me at the corner of the Trail and West Citrus Springs Blvd and worked as a team to attack me. Then, Latshaw and Bailey pulled my bicycle away from me knocking me to the ground and kicking me in the head denting my helmet using their cleated shoes as weapons and destroyed my bicycle. Then, Latshaw and Bailey kicked me in the neck, buttocks, kidneys, knees, ankles, and strangled me with their cleated shoes leaving several painful scars while I was helpless on the ground screaming in pain without my prescription eyeglasses to defend myself.

PICTURE-1: As I approached Kenneth Bailey and Paul Latshaw to pass, I was traveling 20.5 mph while the attackers speed was approximately 18.0 mph. These speeds have been verified by Garmin GPS superimposed on a Google map of the area.

PICTURE-2: A few seconds after I politely said "on your left", Paul Latshaw (red shirt) begins harassing me by yelling "on your right" which is against bicycling etiquette. After being pushed even more to the left, I sped up to 24 mph to 28 mph to pass while Latshaw and Bailey worked as a race-team only inches from my rear wheel.

PICTURE-3, 4: These images were snapped after I was harassed for more than 4 minutes at speeds up to 28 mph for simply passing Latshaw and Bailey. Please notice Kenneth Bailey is seen riding down the Trail leaving Paul Latshaw far behind. At this point, Paul Latshaw yells, "I hear you are a Trump supporter, you asshole" (GoPro turned on), "You piece of American shit", "We got a gun, man", "I see you out here all the time" , "I'm going to put a bullet in your ass", "You heard me", "We got a gun, man".

KENNETH BAILEY (green Brick City Bicycles kit) paid the following penalty for damaging my bicycle while I was riding on the Withlacoochee State Trail on June 26, 2017. Because of overwhelming GoPro video evidence, on December 7, 2017 Kenneth Bailey pled guilty to the serious crime of CRIMINAL MISCHIEF for vandalizing my bicycle and helmet. Mr. Bailey was ordered by the State of Florida to pay $1,008 for damaging my prized bicycle originally costing $5,350 when Mr. Bailey forcefully threw my bike to the pavement cracking the frame and an additional $240 for denting my helmet. My helmet was dented from repeated kicks to my head when Mr. Bailey used his cleated shoe as a weapon when I was helpless on the ground. These facts are in the official public record at the Citrus County Courthouse and are proven by GoPro video. A recent background check using an independent and publicly available web site confirms that Kenneth Bailey has a criminal court record.

PAUL LATSHAW (red shirt) paid the following penalty for attacking me while I was bicycle riding on the Withlacoochee State Trail on June 26, 2017 and then threatening my wife Mary and stalking both of us on December 7, 2017 at the Citrus County Courthouse. A Final Judgement of Injunction For Protection Against Repeat Violence against Paul Latshaw to protect me and my wife from violence and stalking was issued by the Circuit Court in Citrus County, Florida on February 22, 2018. The Circuit Court judge stated he made the injunction permanent because he was “concerned for Mr. Cipolla’s safety”. Making the injunction permanent means Paul Latshaw will have a permanent record of "violence and stalking" on his background. During the injunction Paul Latshaw was not allowed to come within 100 feet of John Cipolla's cars/bicycles and not within 500 feet of John Cipolla's residence. In addition, Paul Latshaw could not use or possess a firearm or ammunition and should have surrendered any firearms to the Citrus County Sheriff's Department. These facts are in the official public record at the Citrus County Courthouse and are proven by GoPro video evidence.

PICTURE-5, 6, 7: Ken Bailey and Paul Latshaw trap me at the corner of West Citrus Springs Blvd and the Withlacoochee State Trail where they work as a team to beat me and destroyed my prized aerodynamic bicycle and helmet.

PICTURE-8: My GoPro video camera, still mounted on the handlebar, captures Kenneth Bailey and Paul Latshaw as they attacked me by pushing me off my bicycle as I tried to escape. Seconds before this image Kenneth Bailey yells, "you're going to get hurt" as Bailey attacked. Then, Kenneth Bailey grabbed my bicycle by the rear wheel as I held on by the front wheel as we had a tug of war for possession of my $5,500 bicycle before Kenneth Bailey stole my bike and threw my bike to the ground. This violent attack by Bailey and Latshaw pushed me into West Citrus Springs Blvd where passing motorists refused to call the police even after seeing me being beaten and kicked in the head while helpless on the ground.

PICTURE-9: GoPro video captures Ken Bailey throwing my bike to the pavement again making it "unsafe to ride".

PICTURE-10, 11, 12: Paul Latshaw participates by grabbing my bike and dragging it on the ground.

YouTube Video of the Attack
YouTube video of John Cipolla safely passing Kenneth Bailey and Paul Latshaw on June 26, 2017.
YouTube video of Paul Latshaw yelling, "We got a gun, man", "I'm going to put a bullet in your ass".
YouTube video of Kenneth Bailey destroying John Cipolla's bicycle. Due to the extreme violence, video has been omitted.

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